21 July 2012

How to Increase Your Lotto Odds By Buying Multiple Tickets

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If you think that buying a single lottery ticket secures you a fair chance of winning, think again. With the large lotto prizes often ranging in the millions, many people are playing to win. The more people who jump on the bandwagon, the slimmer your chances become. So, what is the best option for you? Purchase multiple tickets and increase those odds. In addition, don’t just purchase multiple tickets once in a while, do it regularly.

Look at the weekly lotto winners. Most of them achieved their winning status by playing regularly, using a bit of luck, and possibly buying more than one ticket. Also, by monitoring the weekly winning results, you can see which numbers are drawn often. This little bit of research helps you to determine the best number combinations to use. This doesn’t mean to say to leave out numbers that are not frequently drawn. Those numbers have a tendency to pop up now and again, so keep that in mind when you purchase lotto tickets. Buying multiple tickets often can become expensive. However, there is a way to curb that expense.

By joining a lottery club or pool, can help you increase your chances without having to spend tons of cash. These clubs are groups of people who pitch in small amounts of cash to spend on lotto tickets. Typically, this can be $5 to $25 per person, or more. Lotto clubs or pools are generally a group of people who work together, close friends, and sometimes relatives. So that everyone knows what the purchased numbers are, copies of the tickets are made and handed out to everyone. It’s a secure way to ensure you’ll get your part of the winnings.

Keep tickets secure and put away until the drawing. This is an important idea to remember. There isn’t anything more devastating than finding you have won, and you’ve misplaced your winning tickets. When purchasing more than one ticket, keep track of them by placing them somewhere secure such as a jewelry box or folder. You can find the best coupons online for small storage boxes to keep tickets safe. Some people go as far as using a combination lock on a suitcase or small safe.

Buying multiple tickets to smaller lotteries is a great idea, too. With the bigger lotteries, your odds of winning are generally one in millions. However, purchasing more tickets can raise those odds in your favor. When the cost of multiple tickets becomes high, streamline your spending with a group or friends. You won’t win unless you play.