09 August 2012

Thanks for the Good Time, Good Friends!

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We’ve made it and everyone is still in awe how we did. In just a matter of few days of planning things out, some of my old friends from High School and I made an exciting, fun-packed weekend getaway through.

Northeast bound, we started hitting the road at around 4am on Saturday, arrived at our first destination approximately four hours after and relished every inch of beauty the city of Bislig in Surigao del Sur has to offer for us on that first day of our trip. Check here for the places we’ve been and for more photos.

The following day was even more than what we all hoped for. It is the first time for most of us to have explored the place so everything turned out to be a surprise for all of us.

Indeed, time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get.

Opportunities like this doesn’t come when we want it most of the time but as soon as it knocks on our door and we make way for it, we will never know what delight it brings. Obviously for us, that trip we’ve had was fantastic… not just because of the amazing places we’ve been to but more importantly because we we’re able to bond with each other the way we did after a long time. The old tales, the jokes, the laughs – ah – priceless!