19 September 2012

Girls Talk

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Yesterday, my friends and I got the chance to hang out with each other again but this time it just us girls. Our buddy, Jonna who owns a store hosted us a place where we can chat and laugh without limit. Her husband, Roy who is also part of our group generously provided us food and drinks (cool, right?) but barely sits with us as he had to man the store.

So we started grinding the day talking about our next roundabout – where to go and when. But that subject was very short lived simply because we know we cannot design a trip without the ideas of the rest of the members of the group. We’re talking about the boys. We needed to hear their thoughts but since they we’re not around we just decided to leave it there and on to the next subject, we bounced.

Interesting one this time because it’s about our friend, Liezel’s wedding which will soon to take place. What girls doesn’t like “wedding” for a chat subject? For sure, all four of us do! So we run through the major details – the wedding reception, the coverage, the wedding dress and who would forget the wedding bond symbols – it’s like we’re having a sort of brain storming and we all are just as excited for her.

How I wish there’s a way I could lead her to Whiteflash’s website. She would surely love to see how ideal princess diamonds look like even if wedding bands is what she need. Unfortunately none of us brought a device so I just quickly explained to them what Whiteflash is all about. I felt confident enough to do so after I’ve made several reviews for them from the past although it would have still been different if they’ve seen their vast line up of jewelry for themselves. I’m pretty sure they will all be amazed.

a princess cut diamond - look how gorgeous that is!
Personally, I’ve never seen online jewelry store that houses as many types, styles and shapes of fine jewelry as Whiteflash. Their diamond rings most especially are outstanding.

I’m a little hopeless romantic so heart cut diamonds is what’s playing on my imagination each time I come across of Whiteflash. It says the heart cut engagement ring will still be the ultimate way to say “I Love You”. Geez, do I really need to get reminded of it? Okay, so much for the tease. Seriously, I am really glad and thankful of what I am doing right now. If not for it I wouldn’t have known Whiteflash and other interesting websites around the web. And because of that too I get to share what I’ve learned to my friends and even acquaintances whenever they ask for my opinion on about anything.
heart cut diamond
And as for my friend, she must have browsed the Whiteflash site already as I gave her the link for herself and maybe her future husband too to see before we split yesterday.