05 September 2012

New Found Hangout Buddies

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Hanging out with friends is something that I haven’t done for ages. Not until my old high schoolmates and I have reunited since early last month. Take note… they’re used to be just schoolmates and none of them are even that close to me because I have my own circle of friends too back then just like they have theirs.

But time passed us by and we have grown into the persons that we are now. Who could have told that we could still come across with each other again the way it happened to us? Thanks to FACEBOOK! Such a dynamic evolution – putting things together, reunites people even from the oldest times regardless of distance.

Like I said, I have my own set of friends during my high school days and forever they will be in my thoughts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome opportunities to make new friends at all because guess what… I just did!

It all happened so fast. We were gathered in one event and next thing we know was to set out getaway plans – all 10 of us! Would you believe, we carried out that first plan in just less than two weeks?

Okay, proofs are here. I bet you should see it.

Then we meet more often after that. Last weekend, we went to attend a birthday celebration of another schoolmate who eventually became part of our group.
And to think we all have personal obligations to take care of yet we still make time for each other. How wonderful!