28 September 2012

Those Were the Days

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There’s really such a unique way for things to happen. After having lunch at a friend’s house, my buddies and I encircled a small table for a short drinking session. We ladies didn’t drink though but we all gabbled together just the same.

What could make a better subject to talk about when you’re with your old high schoolmate’s company than to reminisce the old days? And how timely, this High School Yearbook comes in handy just when we needed it!
That’s our second year class yearbook photo and our section name, “Kagandahan” – it means beauty. Funny, how innocent-looking we all are back then. Pointing at each face, there’s always a thing or two to say to remember a school/class mate by.

My friends used to remember me as a snob band majorette leader. Was I? Not exactly! They just didn’t know that’s my way of keeping the boys (especially naughty ones) from picking up on me, ha-ha-ha…
my high school class/school mates from left: Jonna, Roy, Jeovan, Eric, John and his wife, Cha
Ah – those hearty laughs are just priceless! I love every chance I get whenever I am with these people. I was never able to define what friendship means till I got reunited with them and to think we’re not even that close back then.
just another pose before hitting the road
We seemed to bond so well since we started going out together on a long weekend trip last month. And just last week we went out again to watch a movie on a big screen. How neat do you think is that?

I can’t wait to see what’s the next group plan will be. All I know is I am enjoying whenever I am with them and I think that’s what I need.