05 October 2012

RA 10175: My Two Cents (It's Hard Not to Get Affected)

Implemented yesterday, October 3nd, the Anti - Cyber Crime Law (RA 10175) in the Philippines stirred the netizens and mowed negative criticisms from social media users. I am personally not the kind who digs into lengthy pages that describe a particular law when all I need to know is the gist of the whole thing rendered in its layman’s term and how it affects my personal viewpoint.

Simply put, the law is about preventing people from exercising the freedom of opinion online. I understand part of it is referring to negative opinions including but not limited to exposes pertaining to the government officials most especially. Anyone who violates such law will be sentenced for 12 years of imprisonment.

As much as I didn’t want to get affected, I can’t help but read posts and in fact it is what keeping the Facebook page up on my screen the whole time even up to this posting. Perhaps the blogger in me just couldn’t take things like that for granted, after all. I have been reading different reactions and seen different emotions out from people who are obviously affected by this new act. Some managed to express their disagreement by making fun out of the situation. While I think they’re funny, we cannot deny the fact that the law has already been imposed and we are all therefore, bound to abide.

However, how can we possibly put up with something that is downright biased? I understand the government’s effort of preventing cyber pornography, human extortion, sex video scandals, hacking, fraud, and identity theft. These are obviously out of line. But preventing people from expressing their opinions? We might as well forget we are living in a democratic country then.

I know a lot of netizens are overreacting on this matter. I chose not to be one of them. Not that I don’t care, either but I believe if you have done nothing wrong online then this law shouldn’t be that much of a threat. I certainly have nothing against the law itself but not everything that it comprises especially its ground of depriving people to freedom of speech. That’s rather oppressive in my opinion. So, let’s see with the ongoing outrage how the government will respond. I, myself is one for the revision of this newly implemented law.