31 July 2013

Be Good to Yourself

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Where do all my blogging days go? Funny how days seems so short while nights are even shorter these days. It’s as if need more of those precious time to keep up with my responsibilities as an online earner. Although I at least manage to somehow get back on track now… so that’s a good thing… and thanks to the people whom I owe that much needed inspiration from.

Waking up in the morning is still no longer the same but knowing that you have something new and nice to look forward to now each day do really make a huge difference. Some old memories still do keep on flashing back from here and there but funny how I can smile at them now instead of cracking up a tear. These and all because I had developed that courage to let go of the things that doesn’t want to stay or make it things that can never be. And yes, that quote above speaks a lot but in my case, I chose to live a life like I should – a little bit shook up but still a meaningful one and I’m doing it not for anyone else… but myself! Sometimes we just have to be good to our self, enjoy life and have fun. Then later when we are ready to share those happiness to others, we will be surprised at how much love and joy we actually have invested all along.