02 August 2013

From Sedentary to a Now Little Active Lifestyle

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Thanks to my new job for finding me! [LOL]

I seriously didn’t look for one but when I was asked to consider a job offer I just couldn’t find the gut to refuse… maybe because I have high respect to the person who was then seeking the kind of service they know I can extend. She’s the Directress of the school where I graduated High School and a family friend at the same time. Yes I am officially now back to the rat race and currently employed in a school institution not as a teacher (because I’m not a teacher by profession) but as an office employee. That is obviously the reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately. This year’s School Year started in June and I got hired just barely a week after the class opening.

It has been long years since my last employment in a car company back in Davao City. I didn’t know what to feel during my first few days. Good thing I didn’t have a hard time getting to know everyone around my new work place. Most of the faculty members are already friends of mine except the new ones.

What I like about having this job is the fact that it changed my then sedentary, so unhealthy lifestyle. Not that I don’t like the convenience of not having a boss while getting by but having been able to move around, get to see people, having the luxury to breathe fresh air and to just simply live a healthy lifestyle are just something you would rather want to embrace.

Above is a recent photo of my colleagues at work and I. So far I am enjoying what I am doing and as per writing/blogging --- that would remain a passion to me like it was.