09 August 2013

Fun Trivia Questions

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 You will get fascinated with these facts when you will be able to supply what's asked for each trivia question. And just for fun... anyone who can supply all the correct answers will be featured in this blog. You can write down your answers through the comment box. This post will run till Friday (Philippine time). The winning blog and author will be then featured on the following day, Saturday.

So try your luck and have fun!
Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Antartica and Europe.
What do these continents have in common?

A _ M _ _ T
This is the longest word in English language where letters all comes in alphabetical order.

H _ MM _ _ _ BIRDS
They are the only animals that can fly backwards.

_ O _ N
The only place a flag is not saluted.
The only place in the universe where a flag flies all day, never goes up or comes down, never flies half-mast.

E _ _ O _
A body part that is impossible to lick. (I know you would try this, LOL!)

R _ _ E
The name of the city which every continent has.

Left or Right

Which foot of Neil Armstrong did he stepped first in the moon?

_ E _ _ _ S _
The profession of the person who invented the electric chair.

_ _ T _ _ A N
The world's smallest country.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fox _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the _ _ _ _ dog.
This sentence uses every letter of the alphabet.
Note: To avoid confusion, the colors are the indicator of each word. There are 9 words in this sentence.