11 August 2013

OnlineMem’ryLane: Bouncing Back, Finally!

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I am proud of myself today. I finally had the time to fix this page and make it look like a fresh, real blog page after a long time of just letting it sit. I used Free Template called Hatsune Miku courtesy of Btemplates.com. (Sounds like Japanese to me). I like it neat and simple.

I didn’t have to go through the codes that much because everything seems done quite perfectly, except that the header was anime-themed so I had to do some tweaking on that part. Keeping it simple was the trick to have it done in less time. Just a little over an hour actually.

 This time I hope I can keep up with the updates like I have been trying with the rest of my blog sites. It won’t be easy, I know especially now that I have offline job to but I’d like to think my solid passion in writing (which is still intact, by the way) should help me through it.