24 August 2013

Pass the Hat

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Lately, the current flooding situation in the country encircles most of our conversation with my family especially when we are dining together...that is while watching news flashes and updates on TV. It took me by surprise when suddenly mom mentioned about the "pass the hat" activity they've had in their class as their way of helping the victims of the recent calamity.

Hearing that news from her brought me back to the old times. I finished high school, graduated and came back after four years to serve and teach in the same institution where my mama has been serving for nearly 40 years now. How long has it been and I still remember I contributed a peso each time the hat starts to roll.

Putting back my old shoes on, I usually don't spend all my "baon" (school allowance) back then. I was the saving type and I see to it I spared my coin bank a peso or two at the end of each day so I have something put back whenever the need to spend arises...that includes the need to pass the hat. Though most of the time, it is not obligatory but then I can't help to think how good it was that at such an innocent age my classmates, schoolmates and I were able to help those in need in our own little ways.