07 September 2013

Remembering Someone Special in Heaven

Eleven years ago yesterday, just right after celebrating the last Christmas of his life, my father finally decided to stop fighting for his life. Yes, whether we like it or not my family had to celebrate life on Christmas and mourn for our dad’s death the following day. How ironic is that? Welcoming New Year’s Day with one member missing in the family and knowing he is no longer coming back is simply unimaginable.

Though we’ve been through tough emotional struggles when he passed away, we still can’t help but reminisce each time. Today is my late father’s supposed 64th birthday. And as we are accustomed to, we will be visiting his grave later today to let him know wherever he may be that we still care for him.

It has also been a custom of our family to celebrate his death anniversary not because we’re glad he’s gone but because we’re happy that he is now in a safer place – free from worldly pain and sufferings.

Wherever you are Papa, Happy Birthday! We miss you and your memories will always be safely kept in our hearts.