10 September 2013

The End Does Not Justify the Means

 photo lie_zpsb0a586a0.png
"The end does not justify the means." I remember my philosophy teacher once asked me to give my opinion regarding this topic in one of our class sessions way back in college. In a layman's approach, this simply means: "what is done wrong is wrong and what is done right is right."

A lie could be the most unpleasant word for the ears. Even a white lie is still a lie. But, who doesn't lie? Personally, it always shred me up to the least bit guilty to tell a lie no matter how small it is. But can it sometimes be right to use bad means to achieve a good end? Sometimes, we do fail to examine carefully whether the end in view is really good or not, instead we rash. I think there's nothing in this world can justify the means except the end which it is intended to serve. 

Just my two cents...