07 October 2013

Earn a Sales Specialist Certification through Cisco

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The Cisco Learning Network offers a wide variety of certification possibilities, including the sales specialist certification in Wireless LAN and IP Communications. Earning a certification in these niche networking fields can lead to a highly-desire job title and salary. Companies are always on the look-out for individuals that possess the knowledge and skills to fulfill job requirements, and Cisco can provide the necessary training and testing to certify your refinement in these fields.

The Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Sales Specialist certification can be earned by taking and passing the 646-671exam. The certification requires education of wireless LAN features, benefits, solutions, and services, while the exam specifically requires participants to understand such things as wireless technologies, mobility services, and security and support options. The Cisco Advanced IP Communications Sales Specialist can be earned by taking either the 646-230 AUCAM or 650-393 LCSE test. Cisco communications solutions (with a focus on voice solutions) will be the topic of both exams and the job field in which this certification will apply.

Regardless of which certification you decide to earn, Cisco makes the entire process easy and affordable. The test and resources (a good one being ExamTrace.com, which most participants recommend with ease) are worth every penny spent, and will apply not just toward the exam, but toward your career and the work you will be doing. Becoming a sales specialist is a great career route for individuals with numerous different career backgrounds, and the Cisco certification can lead to many great job opportunities.