23 August 2014


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 "I DON'T KNOW!" Such a terrible line my mouth could easily utter which sometimes I hate about myself. I wish I have the answer to every question that's being asked from me, but it's not just me. Pretending is the least thing on this earth I could do. Though at times I really do have the answer, I just choose not to and say "I don't know" instead especially when things doesn't seemed to happen the Nancy's way, lol! Or if I get disappointed, irritated, cranky, pissed, crabby... name it... that's how I am lately... I simply refuse to talk! Terrible, isn’t it?

This is one unpleasant attitude that I'm badly trying to eliminate. Someone used to call me “brat” but deep inside, I really don't consider myself as such... I can't seem to find even a single reason to act the bratty way... for me it is just a plain and simple, ATTITUDE... and unfortunately an undesirable one but hey, before you start hating me... let me tell you that I also have, at least I think a much bigger space in my heart for love than hatred. And in many instances my attitude strike and take the best out of me, I usually don't fail to realize that weakness and in contradict to what a title of a song goes, "SORRY" is never the hardest word for me to say!
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