14 June 2015

Teachers' Annual Retreat

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Being a Catholic institution it has been a custom of our school to begin the school year with Teachers'  Retreat. This time we had it at St. Benedictine Retreat House in Ulas, Davao City.

 photo 567c6440-8d14-40ea-ad0c-254d27be8997_zpsws260zoj.jpg

It's a three-day activity with our retreat master, Rev. Fr. Marlon A. Lacal, O.C. Typically a retreat is a sort of spiritual nourishment - something we, teachers need for us to be guided spiritually all through out the school year. There's giving of inputs, group sharing activities, confession and of course the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

It is also during retreats that we enjoy sumptuous meals. St. Benedictine Retreat House is especially known for its generous, very hearty meal plans. I actually got more photos of the food every time than of us and our activities.

 photo 12c721fb-c806-4317-ba94-50499dafb7e7_zpsvrhri0pp.png
 photo f12fc688-8ed0-43ed-a369-ef24263b3a7e_zps07gc1nwf.jpg

But then again, while we feast on good food to fill our stomach, we also have to feast on the REAL BREAD (Jesus in the Eucharist) to feed our hungry souls.

 photo 5e14043f-6d53-4822-8cb7-0f8155c11140_zpsydkn4vag.jpg 
A pose with our retreat master before leaving home.