12 November 2016

Believe You Can and You're Halfway There

I'd like to think it's God's will rather than a coincidence.

Yesterday while on our way to do a pilgrimage with my co-teachers, I received an exciting news from the Dean of the Graduate School where I am taking my post-graduate class. Exciting that I almost fell off my seat.

It's PASS!

Yes, after almost two weeks of waiting, it was brought to my attention through an SMS that I indeed pass the Comprehensive Examination and that I am now illegible to enroll the Thesis Direction. Funny how it felt like I'm a regular student again.:D I was so overwhelmed. It took me the whole time to finally realize I am a few inch closer to my dream now. I couldn't thank God enough for such providence.

 photo 14681652_10205929565436506_7035936506599471814_n_zpssszhahfh.jpg

None of the four subjects I took was ever easy. Statistics was a pain. How I wish they would take it. Still I'm thankful that I made it.

Indeed, in believing, you will gain something. At this point, I am gearing up for the final chapter of this journey of mine. I still have two more weeks to relax and on the last Saturday of the month I'll be in school again. I certainly have no idea what's going to happen then but one is for sure - this final phase is going to challenge my patience and strength.So help me God!