27 November 2016

Nothing Worth Having is Ever Easy

This is it! The moment of truth.... and there's no more turning back. Clearly, an invested hard work pays off. Not in the finish line yet but I'm barely there.

 photo 15192664_10206115247078431_1738362960184171985_n_zpsojq5mk8q.jpg
Our first session yesterday with our Professor for the Thesis Direction was quite heavy. It was brought to our attention how tough this final journey of our study is going to be. Thus,the guidelines. 

Apart from the academic requirements, the monetary value of pursuing the study was also brought before our senses. It's no joke! No wonder some opt not to continue if not delay their Thesis Writing. I don't see the point though or maybe I'm just being optimistic. What's the point of starting something only to waste time and effort in the end?

As of our first session, there were fifteen of us enrolled in the subject. Each have already presented a study title and all has been initially approved. Mine is experimental. It aims to improve the speaking ability or the oral communication skill of the students with the help of online tools.

We have barely four months at hand to complete all the required tasks for this subject - that is to pass on both Proposal Defense which will happen on January and the Final Defense on March 2017. Should we all make it, then together we will be on this school year's Graduation Rites on March. 
How promising that sounds?