19 December 2016

A Christmas Celebration Like No Other

The students had their Christmas celebration and so did we, teachers and staff.

Before parting ways for that long holiday vacation, we teachers had our annual Christmas party along with the administrators and school staff earlier this morning. As it has been, the party was but a very simple one which was done at the school's gymnasium and lasted only for half a day. That was because the nuns has to be in the Novitiate on the same day.

What's cool about occasions like this is that child-like feeling of being able to receive something from your Santa(s) for the day. But of course before that, we enjoyed presentations from the different department, we also played games and feasted on sumptuous food together. And while all these took place, I took a lot of pictures and some videos too, like I always do.

And now the most exciting part...the gift giving! All of us received not one but two or more gifts from both our manito/manita and the administration. Also, each one of us took home a sack of rice and a grocery basket from the ever generous fma sisters - reason enough for us to wear big grins. :D And since, there's mom and I in the same institution, we therefore took home two of each. What a blessing!

Christmas is indeed a time to be merry and to be grateful for the abundance (in any form) that we've enjoyed all throughout the year. In the same way, it is also our time to share as a way of thanking God, for all that we have and all that we have become in our lives.

Waiting for us starting tomorrow is a long vacation. How I intend to spend it is going to be my next blog post's topic. For now, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a meaningful celebration together with your friends and loved ones.

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Enjoy, everyone!