10 December 2016

A Very Well-Spent Afternoon with the Detainees of BJMP (12.08.12)

For the past three years it has become our practice as an institution to reach out to the unfortunate ones in jail. This activity is usually set during the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th of December where we do a celebration instead of having classes. And in celebrating we do Outreach Programs such as feeding and handing out gifts instead of treating ourselves.

The observation of this year's feast was started with a Holy Eucharist celebration in the morning, participated by the students, faculty and staff and the 50 invited, poor families. A short program for the families followed wherein they were being fed and given gifts. It is good to see students having that value of sharing.

Right after lunch, we, the faculty and staff were transported to the town's Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), this time to spend an afternoon with the prisoners like we did before. 

Along with them, we heard another mass then a program prepared for them followed. They were entertained by the members of our faculty and they did the same thing as well in return.

We shared afternoon snacks too and while we do, this guy had us entertained with his own composition and a couple of other songs. An audio technica headset would probably make this man ecstatic.
 photo 15356519_10206232887019356_5878486885189945044_n_zpskbsmy0vy.jpg

I took charge of the documenting by the way, there reason why I have all these photos.
 photo 15380513_10206230981931730_3556716063246675584_n_zps71gwo9a7.jpg 
Before entering the jailhouse...
 photo 15350694_10206231010012432_8737819439907008520_n_zpstxqhyku1.jpg
The fma Sisters during the Holy Communion
 photo 15400443_10206231985636822_5082137485093408991_n_zpsyayeyriq.jpg 
Our school principal assisting the feeding...
   photo 15442220_10206231988836902_2110866881908855015_n_zpsi9yllhab.jpg 
Our faculty members' photo op with the prisoners

The regulation upon entering the jailhouse was quite stiff. You cannot bring anything along with you except your wallet. If not for the documentation purposes, we won't have these above photos. But despite that, still, even for just a limited time, we were able to extend a sincere fellowship with them. And that even for just a while, they feel that they're being cared for and loved.

 photo 15380822_10206230976331590_583900613328102143_n_zpsxgkon4hu.jpg
 The happy faces that can't wait to share their time with the internees

What an afternoon spent with these "bakasyonistas" as what the priest coined them during the mass.

Indeed, the best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others.