17 December 2016

It's their last school day for the year and it's their Christmas Party!

These pilot batch of Senior High School students of ours were celebrating their first Christmas Party like no other. It was a simultaneous Christmas party which was started with a short prayer celebration in the morning and after which the students headed back to their party venue (their classroom) for the party proper.

One or two classes started with a parlor games while the other with a disco. At around eleven, they've started feasting. Party foods were flooding on the tables. I am with no advisory so my role basically was to hop from one venue to another along with the other non-advisers. :D

In one classroom though I've made good memories with these two as I've joined Kris Kringle with the STEM class.

It's as if the one who got my name understood it very well that it's a party season and so she gave me a very timely, black party clutch (that I haven't got a picture with yet. :D And when it's my turn to give, I handed to this lad on the pic below that green (since it's a Christmas color) Von Dutch shirt he is wearing and I'm glad he liked it. :D

 photo MC_zps6tz1jabb.png We are the merry ones!:)

It was indeed a party to remember for the Seniors. They didn't want it to end but it has to though each one of them went home with a bunch of awesome memories to recollect with in the coming years of their lives.