21 March 2017

My Final Defense

Nothing is as "terrifying" as doing a thesis final defense. I'm glad it is finally over.

Though I know my panelists weren't tough at all but the fact that you will be proving something worthwhile to them and you know you have to do it right is just nerve-wracking. It is like selling an all new product to the market where you have to persuade people to try it out. As they say not everyone in the panel do think alike. There are those who will test how much you have known your work.

The key is as along as you did all the hard work by yourself, you can always find the way through it. A reasonable amount of preparation to organize everything that you will have to present, including the answers to possible questions also matters. On this aspect the adviser usually lay down the possible questions and advice what to prepare for the defense, from start to finish.

The over a hundred pages manuscript that I have presented has its flaws and not at all perfect. That is the reason why the panels were there. Their roles are to make suggestions and recommendations to improve your work and I am thankful for their presence. In fact, they were all very kind.

My presentation and the discussion lasted for almost an hour - a little longer than my proposal defense. As soon as everything is done, the chairman of the panel will usually ask for a pictorial for documentation.

The relief and joy that you would feel when you'd be told that you already qualified to apply for graduation is just unfathomable. I just can't thank these people enough for being so gentle while I am trying to make it.