31 March 2017

My Graduation Photos

Big or small, we are always proud of anything we achieve in life. Who isn't?

And where else do we make it known to the whole world than on Facebook, Twitter, if not on Instagram!

Yes, I have done that too, simply because I am proud of what I have accomplished and what I have become. I guess in the technology-driven world where we live in today, it is but a common practice to let the world know how and where we are through social media.

One thing that I am proud of this year, also happens to be my biggest and I must say the sweetest accomplishment is my my graduation. They say the best view comes after the hardest climb. I must have done it all. Now, I am certainly enjoying that view.

Excuse my proud self but below are the proof of the fruit of my labor - my graduation photos... :D

This academic gown that I had to secure for my self means a lot to me. I could have just borrowed a set like most of the graduates did but I'm glad I did because having it seen in my closet would always remind me of my success.

Also the hood was blessed by the Most Reverend Bishop who presided the Baccalaureate Mass so that made it sacred in a way.

A snap just before I entered the gymnasium where the graduation rites will take place.

A pose with my mom while waiting for the ceremony to start...

Here is a pose with my escorts for the day, Sr. Cortez, my boss and of course my mom. :D

This is a supposed significant pose with my dear adviser, Dr. Dhan Timothy Ibojo, PhD. Too bad, the pic didn't turn out so good...

and so as this with my family... (from left: mom, my niece, Elija, D2, Sr. Cortez and D1)

with the fma sisters and aspirants along with some friends from the school...

Two of my colleagues at work (Rehyna and Jodelyn) really waited till I can get home from my graduation to personally hand me these...

a bouquet of beautifully bloomed roses and a congratulatory cake... Isn't it so sweet of them? 

Finally, to sum everything up... my graduation diploma!

Of course, before I close this post, I'd like to give credit to my daughters, Kate and Naureen whom I know are both so shy and too hesitant to get themselves around the graduation venue but still did it just so they can document that momentous event for their mother. That would explain why some of the photos didn't appear so good, which I understand.

After the ceremony my family and I drove to the city to celebrate.What a memorable day it was. An answered prayer and paid off hard work. I couldn't ask for more.

Nancy Janiola-Gemarino, MA