19 March 2017

Prayer before Final Defense

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A Thesis Final Defense is something that you have to do with strong conviction and confidence. It is important that you come prepared not only physically and mentally but spiritually as well. As we believe that God is in-charge of everything, we place our faith unto HIM.

Here's a self-composed prayer that I've prepared before my Final Defense.

Most powerful and ever living God, thank you for this wonderful
opportunity that you have gathered  us here together.
Thank you for the gift of life;
the gift of experience;
the gift of knowledge;
and for the gift of these persons who are with me in this room.

Lord, to You I offer all my undertakings
And as I am about to do my final defense
Along with my panel and my adviser
Send us your Holy Spirit to guide us
As we discuss things for the betterment of my work.

Grant us an open mind and a listening heart
That we may be able to understand each other
And that unity and success be the endpoint of our dialogue this afternoon.

All these, we ask and pray in the glorious name of your son, Jesus
and the intercession of the blessed Mother Mary,