29 March 2017

The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb: The Final Installment

We dream because we want to make things happen. When we want to make things happen, we do not allow any obstacle that comes along our way to break us. We see these challenges in a positive way, instead.

There were three major phases that I find goosey about all through out my graduate school journey - the Comprehensive Examination, the Thesis Title Proposal and the Final Defense. While the most formidable part was the book writing itself; not to mention the cost. Any of these is probably the reason why some of the students failed to make it all the way through.

But then again, in order to achieve the goal we set for ourselves, we also have to persevere because as it had been known, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

The moment that I have been told to apply for graduation, I want to levitate. Imagine the excitement during the preparation and the sleepless night before the big day.

Of course the best view comes after the hardest climb. My graduation day was the sweetest.

This accomplishment proves that a thing can happen if we let it. No one else is in charge of our success but ourselves. The help (in any form) that we can get along the way are only form of support. Still, it is us who will decide whether we want to make things happen or not.