05 March 2017

The Greatness of a Culture Can be Found in its Festivals

"The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.'

Yesterday, the province of Compostela Valley, Philippines opened a 5-day celebration for its19th Founding Anniversary and 10th Bulawan Festival or the Festival of Gold. This annual celebration is looked forward to by many comvaleños and local tourists. It is a celebration of heritage and culture expressed through different events and highlights. Being a musically inclined person, two of my favorite parts of the celebration is the opening concert wherein the local government usually invite local artists to perform and entertain the comvaleños. The other event is called Garbo Comvaleño (Pride of Comvaleño), a battle of powerful set of pipes represented by the different municipalities of the province.

The sad part and I know this is so lame... I wasn't able to watch both live... only on YouTube and it looks like the people really enjoyed the music produced by those guitar center instruments.

Unfortunately, the events that we've attended to during the day (Extemporaneous Speaking and Doodle Making) along with a colleague and students consumed my energy the whole time so as soon as I got home, I went straight to bed for a needed rest. I've only seen the videos of the two along with the other highlights  after the celebration.

Other highlights of the celebration is called "Sayaw sa Kapatagan", a dance competition that showcases traditions and cultures and of course the search for Ms. Bulawan.These two are the culminating and the most sought after activities for the entire celebration.

As per our delegations, we didn't make it on both events but we, especially the kids enjoyed the experience.