02 April 2017

A Successful Summer Outreach Program with the Helping Senigh High Volunteers

"For it is in giving that we receive".

It's officially summer and it's good to start it with a worthwhile activity such as reaching out to the needy.

After coming home from our annual teachers' tour, yesterday, three of us, teachers of Senior High School department, along with some volunteer Senior High students conducted a post-school outreach activity to one of the remote areas here in the municipality of Compostela.

It was about 30-minute bumpy truck ride to get to the place. I was surprised myself because I had no idea it's going to be that adventurous, though it was worth experiencing.

 The above photos were taken on our way back... when I've got my nerves back, LOL!

Reaching the destination, the place is somehow what I have imagined except for two sad realities which makes the living difficult - the transportation and the absence of electricity.

So we've seen them on televisions, the stories of less fortunate people where kids has to come down from the mountains or cross a river and walk their way to school, some even with barefoot. And then they go at night, powerless.These are the exact situations of the people we've visited yesterday and they couldn't thank us enough for having them in our thoughts.

Reality bites, isn't it? But despite the tough living, people there somehow, displayed contentment and I guess it is because in their mind, there is nothing that they can do to change the situation.

On the lighter side, what seems to be mundane to the locals in the place is something new and relaxing for us to breathe in... just like the fresh air, the natural greens and this cold, crystal clear stream on the background.

It is irresistible... we enjoyed it a lot...

Now on to the purpose... the program that we have prepared for our guests had four parts. It started with the community with us hearing the gospel held at their mounted chapel...

After a short introduction, the fun part followed... parlor games for the kids...

The giving of small packages containing school supplies added joy to the little ones as well as the parents...

And finally, to conclude the activity, we had the feeding.

After feeding the community, guess what happened next...

we got fed too!!!

Thanks to the family of one of our Senior High students who bothered to prepare this lunch for us.

Strange? We call it boodle fight where we eat with bare hands and everyone share the same food that's laid on a huge banana leaf. This kind of dining may not be appropriate to all but the purpose of which is to simply share fun with others.

The smiles of the fulfilled ones...

It was one fun, fruitful day spent with these chosen fellows. If there's one thing that I've realized after that experience, it is about humbling ourselves down because we live a much more comfortable life compared to these people that we forget sometimes how to endure pain. With them each day seems a struggle but they obviously get through it.