15 May 2017

The Avengers

A new school year is about to set in. There will be new faces...new acquaintances... a new set of faculty members to work and get along with. That I guess is a fact in every private school. But the good thing is we gain new friends each year. Just how I wish they'd stay....

I look at this picture and I'm reminded of how great the old time was.

We were the FIRST set of Senior High School Teachers in our school who handled and taught the inaugural batch of Senior High Students during its implementing school year 2016-2017. We fondly named our team, THE AVENGERS.The reason behind is another story. :D

Pioneer, frontier, original - however you call it, our team did great. We established a good relationship together. We bonded well, supported each other and we shared the same successes in our department together. Just how I wish we can still work with each other again this year.

Just as the fact that Guitar Center has, studio mic at a great price!, the strong union that this team has established and the good memories we made together are just irreplaceable.