23 July 2017

Trust Me I'm a Teacher

I not really fond of shopping out of a plan but when I was offered with this rather cute statement tote bag by my student, I couldn't resist.

I was sent different designs to choose from before this but it seems like a teacher's instinct that told me to just stick to it. 

Why am I blogging this? Simply because I love the idea of my students learning how to make a decent living this early. Isn't it being smart? As a teacher, that is exactly what I want to see in my students - to grow up smart and become responsible beings.

There are actually few of them in school who happened to talk to me about online selling and how to go around online shops. I told all of them the same thing - that  is to do and enjoy what they love doing and to be vigilant in making online transactions at all times.

I don't sell products online. But I do sell ad space and sponsored posts on my sites and that's pretty much the same thing.