04 September 2017

Intramural 2017 [The Secretariat]

It's the time of the month where students in the Basic Education celebrates Sports Week through the annual Intramural.

This week-long celebration aims to develop camaraderie among students especially that we have new students in the Senior High School department and the Grade 7 level who have just started a school year in the institution.

It is also during this time that the teachers expect to discover skills and talents of the students - both old and new.

The opening day was started with a parade, followed by a torch lighting,an Oath of Sportsmanship, a Field Demonstration for Elementary and Mass Dance for High School students and then a short program to cap half of the day. And then the other half marks the official opening of the games.

Everyone took part on the this year's Intramural, including the teachers. My part as co-head of the Secretariat along with my team also started on the same day. Here, I picked three SHS students from the English Club and Journalism Team to manage the 5-day secretarial job (the calling of games, reading of results, playing music and making important announcements). :D

[From left: me, Kaye, Trisha, Rafaelle]

These three have been in my team for the last two years, though they play ball games too.They simply have the knack of entertaining people not only through the music that they play but through their wit and out of the box strategies as well.

Our job also ended as the Intramural week did and it has been a great, relaxing week for all of us.