02 October 2017

Sadsad sa Kadalanan Props: The Making

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Sadsad sa Kadalanan is an annual competition participated by the different secondary and tertiary schools of  the municipality of Compostela, Compostela Valley, in line with the week-long celebration of Buganihan Festival and Araw ng Compostela that is observed on the first day of August.

Sadsad sa Kadalanan has been the major highlight of the celebration which showcases not only talents and unique performances of the students but also artistry as it uses custom-made props, backgrounds and other tools.

Despite of the changes in terms of the number of participants this time, our school still responded positively to the invitation. And as it has been the last four years, I worked for the props team.

This year's concept explains how the people of Compostela stood tall socially and economically despite the encountered adversities in the past. With that, here's what we have come up:


The backdrop were made of canvas and latex paint.


We used insulators, canvas (for the snake's body) and luminous spray paint for most of the props used.


There were 100 students who represented our school for the competition. Fifty of them were the dancers and the other half are the props men.

It took us almost a month to gather everything up. All of these hard work and physical exhaustion for just a less than an hour presentation.

We've been joining this competition for four years now and every bit of extended effort from all who had helped in different ways - teachers and students is paid off.