29 December 2017

What About Crochet Braids for 2018?

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Three days to go and it's 2018! I've been seeing and reading New Year-related articles each time I go online. Popular ones are posts about the traditions that people do for a lucky New Year. There are also those who love to share personal goals to their preferred social media accounts. While others simply flaunt a new look to welcome the New Year. 

Which one are you?

I believe a lot of women would prefer the latter. This I guess is getting simpler to do nowadays even without the need to go to the salon and spending that much with the advent of online tutorials and ready-to-use products such as crochet braids. I have seen these in my students by the way,  when we have had our Christmas party over a week ago. Braids seem to be an "in" thing for them.

The good news is that braiding doesn't have to be that strenuous and time-consuming this time as ready-to-wear crocheted braids are now made available for easy and comfortable use. 

This is exactly what Divatress is all about. I looked through the site and was amazed particularly looking at the different braid styles that are popularly worn by the divas. You see... not only celebrities like them can wear different hairstyles now because Divatress is making it happen for everybody. So, in case you'd love to wear but don't know how to braid your hair, fret not. Divatress will get you covered.

Oh and lastly, crocheted braid will also make a perfect holiday gift ... in case you're still out there wondering what to give her. ;-)